Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Track Seaon is Most DEFINITELY underway

Yes it is.

Quick Update: Track Racing is incredible! About a month ago, after taking the winter and early spring off from dedicated training and racing in order to have a bit of fun, I caught the bug again and am back in the groove of getting in shape and kicking butt. Track Racing is the main reason for this. I just love the pure simplicity and raw tactics of Track racing.

On the track the key to success is: Attack, and Attack, and Attack and...

All the main players were there at the first Friday night of pre-season racing. I knew the first race of the evening racers would be riding passively. So, before the race even began I decided I would spice it up and attack from the gun. Inpre -season racing there is no money on the line, and nothing to lose, so I might as well just use the opportunity the get fit and take risk.

My plan worked. My next plan was this: every time I got caught, attack again. Never let up. I was not concerned about the win. I just wanted to crush it.

And this ended up me getting two second places, one win, and giving my competitors tired legs and grumpy grins. I don't think they had planned on the pre-season racing starting out quite so fast.

But, I have an agenda, no, a VENDETTA: track National Championships. last year my vendetta to dominate the Madison with Adrian H. at Track NATs had been fouled by Adrian breaking his shoulder in a bad bike crash that left him unconscious and in the hospital.

Well, now Adrian H. is absolutely on fire, and I am quickly nipping at his heals. We have six months before NATs, and in the meantime there are a lot of races to rehearse our vendetta...

Stay tuned for Track racing action...