Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update from Austin, TX

Hello Seattle!  

Coach Tammy here, coming at you live from Austin, TX (or “ATX” as we call it).   

Life here in Austin has been, and continues to be, fabulous.  Graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, at least in the Exercise Physiology & Sports Psychology departments, are beyond challenging, and I am being kept on my toes 24/7.  On the rare occasion that I have some down-time to enjoy, I get out and enjoy swim-bike-running in the 70-80F weather with my posse of new Austin cohorts.  The people here are amazingly open and friendly, the music scene is beyond description, the food is diverse and delish, and there is rarely a dull moment in “weird” ATX.

All this being said, I’ve missed a lot back home in Seattle, the opening of the new Cycle U space being among the items at the top of that list.  Coach Craig, and all of us who have the pleasure of being a part of CU, have worked long and hard for this new level of success.  Cycle U now has a space that reflects the level of service and professionalism that we all strive to deliver…. And I’m stuck here.  Not there.  

Enter Spring Break…. Seattle here I come!  I will be in town March 13-18th, attending the Cycle U hosting of the USAC Power-Based Certification Clinic, meeting up with existing and newly-added clients, and hopefully leading a session of InCycle or two.   Stop by to say ‘Hi’, or drop in for an InCycle session.  I am so looking forward to seeing all of you!  

Just one thing… I’ve gotten a little spoiled here.  Could y’all do something about the rain???  

Thanks...  CU soon!  Coach T.