Monday, March 23, 2009

Tri Season is almost here!

Triathlon season is fast approaching for the pacific northwest. In California and warmer parts of the world racing is in full swing. May 1-3 California hosts the wildflower triathlon, a big event on the West Coast. This will be my first race of the season. I am competing in the olympic distance triathlon on May 3rd.

My training has been lower in volume then normal but with more intensity and i have been doing a fair amount of stair climbing in the wamu tower and the columbia tower in downtown Seattle. I am excited to kick off the season in California. Pacific northwest racing will start at the Issaquah triahtlon on May 31st and I hope to see Team Cycle U and the rest of the community out there.

Last summer I was training and racing in Santa Barbara all summer so it is a great to be back racing in the pacific nowrthwest.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great summer full of sunshine and of course lots of swim bike run.

Scott Seamster
Cycle U Coach