Monday, February 8, 2010

Indoor TT Series Update

The Indoor TT Series is now in full swing with and the competition is heating up! In the Women's series, Jess Cutler (Cucina Fresca) has overtaken perennial favorite Martha Walsh (Echelon) by just two points, while in the Men's series Martin Criminale (Thumbprint Racing) still holds a commanding lead over teammates Dustin Van Wyck and Alex Telitsine.


Name Place Total Points
Jess Cutler 1 24
Martha Walsh 2 22
Annie Richardson-Lander 3 15
Tina Zeigler 4 11
Kristen Walker 5 9

Name Place Total Points
Martin Criminale 1 120
Dustin Van Wyck 2 77
Alex Telitsine 3 57
Justin Angle 4 44
Mick Walsh 5 30

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