Monday, June 30, 2008

Lance Armstrong is Stalking Coach Tammy

It's true, and I'm just not sure what to do about it.

Lance heard I gave up bike racing to train for a marathon in 2005-06. At that point, he was still contractually obligated to race the tour, but as soon as he recovered from his 7th win, what did he do?... he began training for, and completed, a marathon. Coincidence? I think not.

The whole time he was training he kept emailing me, asking if we could go for a run together, etc. I had to tell him, that while I respect him as a athlete, and acknowledge him as a symbol of hope to so many who's lives have been touched by cancer, that's where it ends. "And besides," I told him, "it really grosses me out that you dated one of the babies from Full House".

So lately he's been trying to get to me through my friends.

Early on, he was schmoozing with my boss, Craig, asking him to "put in a good word" for him.

Next, he sent his buddy Floyd out to work on my friend & co-worker Heather. Look at him buttering her up right before he asked if he could get my cell number for Lance. Shameless. Heather didn't crack. She's tough.

Well, now he's heard that I'm moving to Austin, and it's starting all over again. He arranged a meeting with my friend Matt (a.k.a. Cancer Guy) this past weekend down in Portland. I hear the conversation went something like this:

"Come on! Give me her number. She's moving to Austin, so she'll need someone to show her around."

He even convinced Matt to take this picture with his phone, saying, "Show her how firm my glutes are!"

Matt assures me he did not divulge my private number, but I've been getting some very interesting voice mails and text pictures lately that tell me different. Sigh. What's a girl to do??

Well, if he starts training for Ironman, I might have to reconsider.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

That was TOUGH!

As my 5 year old said after his first swim team practice, with eyes wide "That was tough!!!" I am training for my first olympic Tri this summer, and I have the same thoughts go through my head while learning to swim. I finally figured out the can't breath under water. I am fine when I start out, but after a few laps I get winded, and I am used to running or being on the bike where the only limit to oxygen is my ability to assimilate it. Here I just can't get the air in! It is a huge challenge and I really respect swimmers and long distance tri people more than ever. It is Tough!

I set out yesterday to swim 30 minutes non stop...I made it 23. Another observation in a pool on a hot day with a swim cap... it gets hot! I was really wanting to order the wetsuit and true it might have been the pool, but I am now ready to hit the lake without a wetsuit and go for 20-30 minutes and see how hot I get.

Who's with me?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do the Test

This is a great video that's been floating around cyber-space for a while now. Check it out... really shows how we only see what we are thinking about seeing.

Hmm, might have some implications to a recent conversation I had with someone regarding wearing an ipod while riding your bike outdoors.

Friday, June 6, 2008

MTB. It's back! Off road for your soul

OK, it was about 10 years since I raced my mountain bike, but Tim wanted to go check out a race and I had committed to the Cycle U Team that I would race once a month so I went out last week and it was sublime. I started with the 6pm crew, Peter V was there and ended up snapping a chain at the start and driving his calf into the chainring (not recommended!) but still finished. Tim rode strong and I finally caught him on a cross section about the end of lap 1, and I was suprised by how good it felt to be back in the woods.

Somehow I forgot that I raced pro XC MTB for 4 years. I paid alot of dues and it all came back after the first 3 laps scratched the rust off my bike handling skills. What a fun ripper! Toby, Wick and crew set up a really fun course, only magic mountain would have been better, and I guarantee I wouldn't have felt as good afterward...meaning the micro brew and hot dog...along with the flush that comes with a solid workout for 1 hr, challenging heart, lungs, legs and brain.

The beauty is that you barely can think of anything else when you are racing in the woods, brushing by trees at 15 mph, ripping a line, banking turns and choosing gears to jam. I must say that Toby almost has me signing up for X-Terra Tri this summer. Nothing will make you stronger or a better handler than off road riding, so no matter what your specialty is, consider getting dirty this year on the MTB or cross machine. Here is a link to the MTB races every Wed. night under SeaTac airport:

Hope to see you out there, wearing the sweet Cycle U kit, smiling big,

Yours on the smooth path,