Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ironman Tattoo

Yes, the dreaded "m-dot" that causes all roadies to scatter like roaches in the light of day. Watch out! Triathlete ahead!!! (In other words, this person only rides alone... in a straight line... and can't handle their bike to save their life! Give a wide berth!).

Oh yea, I wanna get me one-a those! ;)

Just any ol' m-dot tat will not due for me. I like to think I'm original (don't we all), so I had an artist consultation @ Slave to the Needle to have something "original" designed. Something special to celebrate my upcoming first Ironman-distance triathlon. Something with a South Africa theme.

Here is what my artist came up with:

I was blown away! Of course, we need a more "aero" wheel up there, but otherwise I'm really liking it. I think the "M" should be red with black spots.

And I'm going to hide it under my jersey, on my shoulder, so those roadies will never know... unless of course I'm riding my sweet QR Lucero! No way to hide my Iron-Godess-ness on that baby!

Of course, no ink until post-race (that would be bad juju!)...